Alumna Nicola Hogan (YG 2011)

Alumna Nicola Hogan (YG 2011)

We have been reaching out to those in the community who are working at the forefront of COVID-19. Alumna Nicola Hogan (YG 2011) shares her day-to-day experiences in her role in at Eastern Health.

“Since leaving school, I have completed 5 years of undergraduate medicine at Monash University. Currently I am working at Eastern Health as a Medical Registrar, and am preparing for my last exam in Basic Physician Training before specialising.

The hospital has transformed rapidly since March as we test and treat patients with COVID-19. The most dramatic change has been creating new wards and teams responsible for patients who are positive or have been tested for COVID-19. Presently I am working in ICU at Box Hill Hospital where we have looked after several confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients. It has been a learning experience for all involved, including keeping up to date with the latest medical guidelines and making sure we don and doff protective equipment correctly.

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our work and has seen an increase in our use of zoom meetings! The hardest part has been the restriction on visitors in ICU (and COVID wards). While patients have a great team of staff looking after them, they do not replace the physical presence of family and friends at their bedside. Whilst we have all seen changes in education across the board, COVID-19 has also changed education in the hospital system. Medical students are now learning remotely rather than being on the wards.

We are fortunate in Australia that our politicians and leaders acted so swiftly to prevent the rapid case load we have seen overseas. Everyone has been incredibly supportive of the front line workers and I’ve been really touched by the outpouring of gratitude and generosity from the community and numerous individuals. I would encourage people to continue their great work in social distancing as restrictions ease. It is a team effort and we are all in this together!”



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