A visit from the Prep Girls’

Today, the Prep girls visited Mrs Riddell and Mrs Faria in the Junior School Office. The Prep girls are very busy making a book each called All About Me. Their books are also include some pages about the members of our school community who help them. Mrs Faria kindly helps them with First Aid, if they have hurt themselves in the playground. The Prep girls also enjoyed asking Mrs Riddell some interesting questions, including “Are you having a good day?” from Evelyn O, “Why are you called Mrs Riddell?” from Ritisha and “What are your cats’ names?” from Matilda. It was a lovely visit and so exciting for the Prep girls to go into Mrs Riddell’s Office with her and with Mrs Faria. The girls wanted to thank you Mrs Riddell and Mrs Faria for being such an important part of our school community.

 Christine Campbell – Prep Girls’ Class Teacher





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