An unexpected visit!


Just as Footy Day proceedings started this morning, Junior School received a phone call from Farmer Wall to say two ewes were well on the way to delivering their lamb/s  Were we interested in coming down to Tinternwood Farm to witness the births?  Of course we were interested. Quick conferencing and it was decided Year 3, 4 and 5 would be able to make it down in time hopefully.

Both ewes were first time mothers and labour can be a bit longer. Such was the case with the first ewe. We watched her for a while and then let her be for a while. Meanwhile Farmer Wall was working hard to try and coax the first lamb out (he was fairly certain it would be a multiple birth). Suddenly it all happened and lamb number one arrived. A bit of a chat around the open fire and a kick of the footy or a game of tiggy later and number two lamb was on the way. The girls were all very impressed at the different stages they had seen and had many questions to ask. As we were preparing to leave, Farmer Wall looked over at the other ewe and realised she was much further along than first thought. She had the text book labour, quick and unassisted! Lamb number three had arrived and among lots of oohs and ahhs we watched both new mums clean their new offspring and begin that magical bonding process. Nature and Tintern both have much to offer us all.

by Helen Kirkland, ELC and Girls’ Junior School Learning Enhancement Coordinator




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