A Message from Metro Trains – Year 12 Celebrations

We here at the Metro Trains Community Education Unit would like to congratulate you on the completion of your VCE school year!

Metro places a big focus on safety with respect to the movement of our customers and the reliability of our infrastructure. In line with this, we take this opportunity to encourage you to remind your students that whilst using our services during end of year VCE celebrations, unsafe behaviours that cause an inconvenience or discomfort to our customers may contravene provisions within the Transport (Conduct) Regulations. Metro Trains Authorised Officers are empowered to report these matters, which could in turn result in penalty notices being issued by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources, and in some circumstances police involvement.

Metro Trains Authorised Officers and the Victoria Police will be monitoring behaviour across our network. We encourage students to use public transport to get to celebrations and school, but there is still an expectation that all students continue to act in a safe manner. 

Metro is a strong advocate of working with local schools to assist with educating students on rail safety issues and expected behaviours. We would be pleased to send a Community Education Officer to your school to speak to your students, or meet with the school administration to discuss ways we can work together to minimise unsafe behaviour during this time.

IMPORTANT REMINDER for your VCE students: students who have celebrated their nineteenth (19th) birthday are required by law to obtain a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card in order to continue using their concession Myki. Many students may not be aware of this, and Metro appreciates your bringing this to their attention. Application forms are available from any Metro premium station and online If you have any questions, please contact me as I would be happy to discuss this with you and your students.

Information about student concession entitlements can be found at https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/concessions/students/

The application form for Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Cards can be downloaded from https://static.ptv.vic.gov.au/PTV/PTV%20docs/Ticketing/1483053939/2017_PTV-School-Student-ID-application-form.pdf

Thank you for making the above information known to your students. This email is being sent to every secondary school in the metropolitan area.


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