From the Vice Principal – Senior College

Uniform reminders

We are now well and truly experiencing snaps of wintery cold weather and, as of this coming Thursday 1 June, all students are required to wear full Winter School Uniform; this is the case until September 1 when students again have the choice of Winter or Summer Uniform.

I remind all students that:

  • Apart from inter-school and recreational sports days or House Sports days, the School Blazer is the outer garment to be worn to and from school – an exception being days when the forecast maximum temperature is 30C or above, or when the temperature reaches this level unexpectedly during the day. Of course, this is most unlikely to happen again this year until Term 4! Jumpers are never to be worn as the outer garment to and from School and nor are spray jackets.
  • On inter-school sports and recreational sports days only, students are expected to wear full correct sports uniform to and from school if applicable to their year level. On House Sports days students are expected to wear full correct sports uniform to and from school to which they may add appropriate articles in House colours.

We ask all parents and guardians to assist the School in reinforcing our rules on School Uniform.

Jazz Night

Last Saturday Night, I was among over 300 guests in the CM Wood Centre enjoying one of Tintern Grammar’s annual highlights – the Friends of Music Jazz Night. I would like to pay tribute to our superb parent organisers, the Friends of Music, along with our outstanding music staff and, of course, our wonderfully talented Tintern Grammar Music students for creating a most enjoyable evening. We were fortunate to welcome back Mr Ron Trigg, a much admired and respected former Tintern Grammar Music staff member and Head of Music. Ron was delighted to be able to present the annual Ron Trigg Jazz Award to Maya Watt, a Year 12 VCE student, who is a well-deserving and most popular choice for the Award. Those parents, friends, students and staff who were lucky enough to attend were treated to a night full of fabulous entertainment, and the chance to get up and dance to the music provided by a wide variety of our student musicians.

Semester Examinations

In our last Aspectus edition, I included a section on Study Hints. In the interest of not wanting to push “too much of a good thing”, I will refer interested students to this article and to their copy of the Senior College Handbook. On behalf of all members of the community I wish all students successful studying for their upcoming examinations, which I hope ask them exactly the right questions they have prepared for.

I am sure that our Years 10 and 11 students will not need reminding that their examinations commence on Monday 5 June. Whilst all students undertaking Year 12 subject studies will sit for the GAT on Wednesday 14 June. I remind all Senior College students and families that full school winter uniform is to be worn at all examination sessions.

The mention of examinations will, of course, lead to thoughts of Semester reports. I would like to advise all parents/guardians and students that our teaching staff have commenced their Semester 1 subject reports which will be available to all families during the first week of our Term 2 holidays.

 The Pathways Evening and The Year 11 Subject Showcase Evening

Years 9 and 10 families will shortly receive an invitation to attend The Pathways Evening, which is scheduled for Wednesday 14 June in the CM Wood Centre, commencing at 7.30pm. The Pathways Evening provides an opportunity for families to hear from our Program Co-ordinators about the distinct features of the 3 Pathways that are available to our most senior students at Tintern Grammar: the VCE pathway; the opportunity to undertake VCE combined with VET subjects; and, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program. As always, I am delighted to remind our community of the following facts:

  • we continue to be the top performing School in our region in terms of combined Year 12 results
  • as a truly open entry School which does not place barriers in terms of student subject selection to “protect” our level of performance, we are proud of this well-deserved reputation
  • we also continue to enjoy our reputation as one of the top performing IB Diploma Schools, not only within Australia but also across the World.

The Pathways Evening provides Year 10 and Year 9 students with the opportunity to discuss with their families which Pathway may well suit their needs and strengths in the next stage of their secondary education, in preparation for University courses and the workforce.

The next stage in this process is the specific subject selection of Year 11 subjects. Selection of subjects for 2017 will be completed by the end of the 1st week in August; and, to assist with these choices all Years 10 and 9 students and families will receive invitations to our Year 11 Subject Showcase Evening. This will be held on Wednesday 26 July, commencing at 7.30pm in the Anderson Centre (Senior College building). At this evening, Heads of Department and their teaching staff will present information on all subjects we offer across the IB, the VCE and the VCE-VET combined Pathways and staff will be available to answer questions that students or parents may have.

We invite Year 9 students and families to this evening as a number of our current Year 9 students will choose to undertake a Year 11 VCE subject next year, whilst in Year 10. Current Year 9 students and their families will be invited to attend the Subject Showcase Evening from 7pm to hear about the “pros and cons” of choosing a VCE subject whilst in Year 10, before joining the Year 10 students and families for specific subject talks throughout the evening.

Over the next few weeks, I am looking forward to reading the subject and pastoral reports of our Senior College students and also to greeting families at The Pathways Evening.

With kind regards to all,



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