First Aid

Students were fortunate to have an informative First Aid lesson recently with a presenter from the St John First Aid Schools Program. Each lesson was targeted to the student’s age and level of understanding. The younger girls learnt how to identify and avoid accidents or unsafe practices in the home. The older girls were taught the Drs. ABCD anagram for facing an emergency situation and how to perform CPR compressions. All students were taught the very important emergency number 000 and how to stay on the line during an emergency call. The sessions proved quite popular and below are some comments from the older girls.

First Aid was really fun and it taught us how to do CPR – Millie Year

There are steps to helping someone that we can remember by Dr ABCD – Sophia Year 4

Firs Aid means First Help – Coco Year 4

We learnt how to put people in the recovery position until an ambulance comes – Holly & Jessica Year 4

I found it useful and practical – Mayunie Year 5

It’s good to know how to help in an emergency. I feel more confident now – Jade Year 5

You can’t do CPR on someone who is breathing – Charlie Year 6

It was educational and useful – Sienna Year 6

It was fun and we learnt what CPR stands for – Molly Year 6

by Kathy Agius, Year 5 Teacher




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