Our very own Olympics!

While most people around the world believe that they can only see the Olympics by watching television, going on the Internet or even visiting Rio, they are mistaken!  Here at Tintern we celebrated our very own Olympic Games last Friday. One could imagine that the ancient Greek athletes were pure in mind and body, that they trained and competed for no other reason than the love of physical exercise and fair competition. Our students participated in this same spirit with all our girls/boys enjoying just having a go. The Olympic creed which states:  “… the most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part …” was reflected throughout the whole day.

While the International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894 on the initiative of a French nobleman, Pierre Fredy, Baron de Coubertin, our Olympic Committee, founded in June 2016, consisted of Mrs Hudgell, Mr Viney, Ms Green , Ms Dang, Mrs Agius and Mrs Gluskie. Many weeks of planning resulted in a wonderful day, consisting of an opening ceremony, a special lighting of the cauldron, a rotation of sporting events , and an afternoon fun events with the Junior School boys. The day was all completed by a medal ceremony where Somner House was awarded a medal for the ‘Best House Spirit’.  

The five inter-connected rings of the official Olympic flag symbolise the five main continents and the friendship between them gained by participating in the Olympics. Perhaps we could be bold enough to say that our five school houses which participated represented the five continents of the world.

The Opening ceremony was magical.  It consisted of all students from Prep to Year 6 and a contingent of parents supporting the girls. The ceremony was beautifully led by Year 6 school leaders who did a marvellous job as the MCs. In the spirit of Australia we also sang ‘We are Australian’.

There is 28 sports at the Rio Olympics and about 300 events.  For us, we celebrated 5 sports (wonderfully devised by our Olympic committee) and about 12 events over the day. This was a terrific achievement for all our girls/boys and was expertly run by our teaching staff.

Our memories of this day will last a long time, perhaps a lifetime.

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