Boys’ Junior School News

We have just completed another very special week in our Boys’ Junior School.

Monday saw our annual Grandparents morning, with more than 100 guests joining with our boys to spend time in class, and to gain a first-hand perspective of life in our school.

Many of our guests had flown from Interstate to be with their hosts, and it was lovely to be able to share our school with people who mean so much to our boys.

Last night, more than 280 people gathered in our CM Wood Centre for our Year 3-6 Cabaret Evening. This unique evening sees families sitting at tables, eating and drinking in a cabaret-style environment, whilst the ‘performing arts’ skills of our boys are showcased. Our orchestra gave their first public performance and their rendition of the theme from Star Wars was rousing. To perform so cohesively and with such expertise after minimal practices was a credit to them, and Mrs Wagner and Mrs Casey.

Similarly, groups such as the Year 3 Strings, the Band and the Paganini Strings delighted our audience.

More than 30 boys performed solo acts, and every boy participated in our House Poetry Competition, and our choir. The latter’s Beatles medley was a vibrant way to end the evening, the crowd joining the boys in the roaring end to Hey Jude.

The past month has seen us host a Mothers’ Day Breakfast, Cross Country, Club Tinwood, Grandparents Morning and Cabaret Evening, all nestled comfortably amongst the normal work and fun of our Junior School.

Our boys always tackle tasks and activities with a wonderful sense of determination and a positive mindset….I congratulate and thank them for their ongoing efforts and demeanour.

 A Kenny



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