Boys’ Middle School News

Term 2 is nearing an end and the winter months are upon us. This sees with it the wearing of our winter uniform including long pants and long-sleeved shirts for the boys as well as wearing their tie. If you haven’t already, take the time to show them how to tie a tie correctly and that it is to be worn up against their collar. Their pastoral mentor will also help them to learn how to tie a tie if it is something unfamiliar but I must admit it looked fantastic in the building on Wednesday morning with the boys all dressed in their long pants, blazer, etc.

This week at assembly we touched on Commitment as one of our Compass points. It was discussed in terms of commitment to themselves, their family, their peers and their school work. It challenged them to assess the level of commitment they were actually making to their school work and if there was room for improvement. A key point we discussed was the use of criterion sheets in assessments and the importance of boys checking and understanding this prior to submitting pieces of work.

The band Bottom Line, made up of four Year 8 boys and 1 Year 8 girl, played for us at the assembly and the performance is available to watch on the link. The vocals didn’t come through that well with the speaker but I’m sure you can tell that it was a fantastic piece.




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