Boy’s Middle School News

Leadership in the Boys’ Middle School

Throughout their Middle Years’ journey our boys will be introduced to leadership. They will explore what it is, what makes a good leader, understand that everyone can be a leader and discover and understand their own leadership strengths.

Leadership will begin directly when the boys are in Year 8 where during their pastoral program they will learn about leadership styles, habits of good and bad leaders, and some of the attributes and values of a good leader. They will learn to apply these in many situations and be provided with opportunities to show and develop these skills. In the latter stages of Year 8 the boys will then be looking to apply for formal leadership positions in Year 9 for the following year.

During Year 9 the direct teaching of leadership continues as part of the pastoral program whilst also increasing the number of opportunities our boys will have to show and practice their leadership. This will apply not only to our boys in official leadership roles but also to all boys in Year 9. Some examples so far this year of our boys having to show leadership would be:

  • Organising activities for assemblies.
  • Running activities at lunch time for Middle School students.
  • Helping to take Year 7 sport.
  • Organising a tutoring service for Middle School boys on a Tuesday lunchtime.
  • Organising a strategy games club for boys during a weekly lunchtime.
  • Planning a fundraising activity during Year 9 Challenge to raise money for Taralye, plus many others.

Leadership is a skill that can be learned and we believe it to be something worth teaching to our boys. They will, as they grow, have to demonstrate leadership in many areas of their lives and although a particular program at school will not teach them everything, it will provide them with some good platforms to help develop their own strengths and styles when it comes to being a leader.

EISM Athletics

Congratulations to all members of the Athletics Team who won the EISM Div 2 Athletics Carnival held at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, on Tuesday 3rd May. Tintern students performed extremely well all day in difficult conditions and represented the school exceptionally well. Tintern won the Open Boys, Open Girls and U/14 Boys age groups as well as the Overall Boys and Overall Championship. Special thanks to those students who stepped up to fill gaps and those emergencies who assisted with carnival duties on the day.

Music Camp

Our annual Music Camp was held at school from Friday 29 April to Sunday 1 May 1 with over 170 students and staff attending to lift the roof off the CM Wood Centre. The weekend provided our students with a wonderful experience of being involved in bigger ensembles and musical groups. This is all in preparation for our Annual Music Concert which is on Thursday 9 June and promises to be a wonderful evening to which you are all invited.




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