2021 Code Club

62 keen coders in Years 4 to 6, signed up for this year’s Code Club, which commenced earlier in Term 3. Coders have had the opportunity to attend up to 2 sessions per week online during remote learning, where coding problems are workshopped in the group, ideas are shared and lots of coding fun has been had by us all! Code Club has been a rich and engaging way to connect online, whilst learning about block coding (Beginners) and scripting in Python. We have been learning about nested blocks, if and else statements and loops to make our coding even more efficient, whilst making monsters, coding with turtles and writing our own clever scripts!

Here’s what some of the Code Club members are saying about Code Club 2021:

Edward: It’s been fun learning Python. I like learning about new functions I can use.

Jessie: Code Club is great, as it has given me time to think about coding problems to solve.

Eric: Coding is fun. I really like making the angles (doing maths and coding at the same time is fun!)

Senudhi:  I really love writing my own programmes in the Grok Blockly and Python playgrounds.

Weylen: Learning how to code properly, getting help from all the code clubbers and trying to figure out what was wrong with my code!

Cameron: I can’t wait to do Code Club at school too – can we change to Wednesday lunchtimes?

Lexin: I enjoyed learning new skills and building on from what I already know. I think it will be helpful when I am an engineer.

Tim: It is interesting and fun to workshop the GROK problems together.

Alysha: I like exploring new variables in Python. I think coding will be part of my job in the future.

Ines: Coding is so much fun! I am writing Python scripts for my CREST Science project. I am also writing my own programme for RUOK Day. 



Christine Campbell

Digital Technologies Library Teacher






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