2017 Maths Results

Tintern Grammar has experienced an exceptional year of outstanding Mathematics results from a range of competitions, tests and challenges. Certificates and medallions were presented to the following students at Assembly on Friday 13 October.

Maths ICAS 2017

ICAS Mathematics results were very strong. High Distinction (top 1% of students in Victoria) and Distinction (next 10% of students in Victoria).

Year 7


Lorcan McCrave

Colin Ming

Nicholas Touliatos

Harry Zhao

Ellen Abajas

Austen Humphreys

Aleisha Paul

Patrick Reid

Amber Wild

Michael Yuan

High Distinctions

Abigail Chai

William Zhang

Olivia Dowling

Year 8


Erin O’Callaghan

Kiki Argyros

Alec Chen

Matthew Cobb

Jaimee Jalocha

Sayani Kaluarachchi

Amelia Kenny

Zoe Liew

Victoria McKenzie

Holly Whitfield

High Distinctions

Marlin Ma

Freya Bryson

Joshua Choong

Joel Dunn

Oliver Huang

Year 9


Jac Bellfinch

Fintan McCrave

Ashleigh Dowling

Grace Gao

Clarisse Liew

Irene Liu

Zeb Lyons

High Distinctions

Angie Fu

Kelly Chen

Year 10


Steven Li

Olivia Adkins

Gemma Bettess

Daniel Boss

Ron Chen

Sean Chisholm

Reilly Collins

Oscar De Jong

James Harvey

Jasmin Liew

Aidyn Malojer

Jared Nottle

Rose Russell

Eddie Yu

Jason Zhang

Brayden Stokes

High Distinction

Nicolani Susanto

Year 11 and 12


Ada Chen

Josephine Owen

Alison Yang

Morgan Li

Gavin Choong

Annie Zhao

Maths Challenge for Young Australians

Year 7

Abigail Chai: High Distinction

Olivia Dowling: Distinction

Year 8

Amelia Kenny: High Distinction

Freya Bryson: High Distinction

Oliver Huang: High Distinction

Joshua Choong: Distinction

Maths Talent Question MTQ

The Maths Talent Quest is organised by the Student Activities Committee at The MAV and is open to all primary and secondary school students. It is a competition which aims to promote an interest in mathematics and to foster a positive attitude amongst students, teachers and parents alike. The focus of the Maths Talent Quest is on the process of mathematical investigations. Looking at real-life situations and finding that maths is everywhere helps capture the imagination of all involved.

The Maths Talent Quest allows students to investigate mathematics on an individual, group or class basis with the chance to have fun, see mathematics in real life situations and receive recognition in the process

Year 7

Nishka Fernando: Is estimating pi a piece of cake? – Credit

Abby Chai: The Tale of Hexaflexagons – High Distinction and best individual Year 7 project in Victoria and through to the Nationals to be named winner of the best individual Year 7 project

Year 8

James Manson: The Maths in Basketballs Free Throw – Distinction

Adam Choong: Gulliver’s Mathematical Travels – Distinction

Joshua Choong: Lines in between Lines – High Distinction and best individual Year 8 project in Victoria and through to the Nationals to be named the overall winner across all Year levels for Australia

(MTQ Ceremony Monash University: James, Abby, Mrs Tillyer, Josh and Adam)


We are very fortunate to work with such fine young people who demonstrate application and persistence with the most challenging of mathematical quandaries.

Congratulations to all.

by Vanessa Rich, Head of Mathematics



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