2016 Year 6 Awards

In 2016 our Year 6 girls have excelled in diverse ways. They have set themselves personal goals and worked hard to achieve them. Very importantly, they have shown support for others and respect for the need to work as a team. They have made us very proud of all their achievements.

Along with the Year 6 award for each student, some individual awards were presented to girls for recognition of outstanding contributions during their time in the Junior School. These special awards were presented to the following girls:

TOGA                                                 Amber Wild                      

Sports Award                                 Lucy Fairhurst and Grace Jenkins  

Endeavour                                       Keeley Thomas    

Alana Moor Award                     Kelsey Paterson and Amber Wild

Deakin  Award                              Aleisha Paul 

Congratulations to all these girls for all their hard work during the year.






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