2016 Junior School Leadership

Recently we selected our Leadership team for 2016. Our new captains Kelsey Paterson and Amber Wild gave a most polished speech at the Investiture Assembly.

Congratulations to all the Year 6 girls who presented themselves so well when receiving their Year 6 badge. They have already proven to be excellent role models and support to the younger girls in the Junior School. Given the quality of our Year 6 girls this year, it is fortunate that there are still other opportunities for others to take leadership roles during the year. Special congratulations also go to the Semester 1 Years 3-5 Class Captains and Fantastic Friends for 2016. 

2016 Year 6 Leaders

  • School Captain – Kelsey Paterson
  • School Captain – Amber Wild
  • Music Captain  – Annabelle Guscott
  • Information & Technology Captain  – Georgia Norton
  • Flag Captain  – Keira Vandenbroeck
  • Cross Captain  – Lucy Fairhurst
  • Gordon Captain  – Alex Kavanagh
  • Mansfield Captain  – Tilli Fry    
  • Somner Captain  – Tahlia Oldmeadow
  • Watt Captain  – Mia Jones

Semester 1 Class Captains

Year 5A        Mayunie Munasinghe
Year 4A        Jessica Fettell
Year 3A        Monica Shi

Fantastic Friends

Year 6  Fantastic Friends

Elise Barlow
Emma Drew
Lily Hoorn
Madeline Hupfield
Millie Jensen
Charli Kilworth
Amelia Roberts
Reese Stephens
Mellyn Sun

Year 5 Fantastic Friends

Rachel Adam
Zara Bicknell
Ava Cassidy
Ruby Crowe
Alana Endall
Natasha Gillam
Genevieve Gough
Saskia Jackson Smith
Ella Jones
Nia Laragy
Jade Marshall
Mayunie Munasinghe
Brooke Ritchie
Ciana Rogers
Chelsea Tonna

Fantastic Friends’ Program

Fantastic Friends is a peer support program we are offering for the eighth time to the girls in Year 5 and 6. A group of girls are selected and trained as ‘Fantastic Friends’.  The girls are trained in conflict resolution strategies and peer support skills involving the use of role play, group brainstorming and personal reflection. 

Our experience is that our girls enthusiastically and selflessly give up time to assist fellow students, particularly the younger girls, by helping students develop resilience and self-confidence. The girls also help resolve minor disagreements as well as offering friendship and care for the girls in Prep to Year 3.

Our Fantastic Friends show tremendous initiative and maturity in undertaking this special responsibility. As a result of being involved in this program the girls grow in confidence and develop skills which will be valuable and worthwhile for many years to come.

A Riddell






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