Year 9 Summer Expedition – Rafting

On 30 November, a group of Year 9 boys went on a rafting expedition to the Mitta Mitta River for a week. On the river, students experienced rafting down blood-rushing rapids, as well as amazing waterfalls. Although the temperature of the water was somewhat unwelcoming, the challenges, adventures and of course lunch breaks were all greatly enjoyed by the boys. We slept under tarps in groups that we chose within the rafting team, and many of us bonded not only within our tarp groups, but within the whole of our rafting group. The usual devastating wake-up time was about 6am and although we were all droopy and dopy and trying to snuggle back into our sleeping bags, all the boys were right into the activities that lay ahead, of course, after waking up that is. Some of the other side-activities the boys undertook were camouflage (a game where someone would attempt to spot people hiding) cooking magnificent feasts for dinner, lunch and breakfast, hiking up gigantic hills to get to our bus and of course enjoying some friendly banter. One of the definite highlights for the boys was one of the waterfalls we rafted down, approximately 2-3 metres high. Although some found it challenging, with the encouragement of the team, all the boys pulled through in the end. At the end of the camp, all we were well and truly done, and a little sad to be leaving, however excited by what lay ahead – a warm shower and a cosy bed.

by Harrison Webb, Year 9




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