Year 9 Girls Caving

CERES1 Caving

The Outdoor Ed girls went caving at Britannia Creek Caves in Yarra Junction assisted by Mr Cleeland, Mr Klan and Corinne. We set off for an afternoon of adventure through darkness and mud. Many people were unsure and anxious but with the first few small gaps to climb through, everyone started to enjoy the experience more. With many challenging turns and rolls, we came across ‘Chinaman’s drop’ where we had to commando crawl a few metres above a 3 metre drop. A lot of girls were hesitant and full of fears, but from the support, encouragement and team work from our peers, we all successfully completed it.

Making it through the remainder of the caves was eventful. From dropped phones into the water (Mr Cleeland) to dodging wet feet, everyone tried their hardest and enjoyed the experience. The adventure was different for everyone. Whether people were afraid or being underground or the small spaces to travel through, everyone gave it their best and overcame all challenges they faced. Another highlight would be the environment and its fauna and flora with one of the most memorable parts being the glow worms. Sitting in a crevasse in complete darkness, we could admire the hardly ever seen beauty of this underground environment. Whether you were looking forward to the activity or a little apprehensive, everyone left with the great feeling of accomplishment and another challenging but rewarding experience gained.

by Tara McAsey and Isabella Wright, Year 9



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