100 Days of Year 7

On Thursday the 3rd of August, the Year 7s celebrated their 100th day of school. Periods One and Two were the same as usual, but for the rest of the day several fun activities were planned. For Period Three, they were split in two groups — 7A and 7D, and 7B and 7E — and each group participated an event.

For 7A & D, it was a cooking class in the Hospitality Ward, where a massive batch of cookies were made, and you could take them home if they were successful and didn’t burn.

For 7B & E, it was an activity called Minute-to-Win-It. Everyone was split into groups of three or four and would rotate around the room, doing tasks like throwing a ping pong ball into buckets or trying to eat an Oreo without using your hands, and accumulating points.

In Period Four, the two groups swapped activities.

Between those two events, both groups came together for an announcement and a Kahoot!

It was a great way to spend our 100th day of being “Big Year Sevens.”

by Will Storey



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