100 Days of Year 7

On Thursday 3 August, the Year 7 students ‘raised their bat’ in salute to celebrate ‘100 Days of Year 7.’

Students were involved in different activities on the day, such as a cooking session with Mr Cho and Ms Mantella in the Hospitality room where they cooked (and ate) dumplings and spring rolls. The other session took place in the gym where Mr Jurey and Ms Vine had organised ‘Minute to Win It’ team activities such as: ‘Moving an Oreo biscuit from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands’ and ‘How many table tennis balls can your team bounce into a cup?’

The students then shared a pizza lunch and watched a video compilation of some of the myriad of activities they have been involved in as Year 7 students this year. In looking at photos of them taken on Day 1 of their Year 7 journey, there has certainly been considerable growth in the time until now.

by Matt O’Brien, Boys’ Year 7 Co-ordinator



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