100 days of School!

Today the Prep-Year 2 girls took part in special activities to celebrate the 100 days, including 100 fitness exercises, making 100s and 1000s fairy bread, making snacks with 1 carrot stick and 2 pieces of cucumber to make the number 100 before recess.  After recess, the girls all participated in 6 multi-age groups to explore 100 centimetres, to make a special 100 days bookmark, played race to 100 with a partner, dressed up as if they were 100 years old and went in a special photo booth, built a tower using 100 paper cups and filled a 100s grid with their name to make patterns. We completed our special activities by guessing how long 100 seconds was: Our clever counting winners were Ruby Chen, Mayah Dass and Jessica Stuchbery, who received special certificates and then we sang our favourite Big Numbers song – celebrating 100 and beyond today.


by Christine Campbell, Girls’ Year 2 Teacher



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