100 Days of School Celebration!

Celebrating 100 Days of School began for our Prep-Year 2 girls with an exciting entry into the IJDay corridor, through the enormous ‘100’ banner, with much waving of pompoms! A special mention to Mrs Campbell for her creative sewing skills!

We emphasised the significance of celebrating the girls’ commitment to their learning (one of our Compass values) with a very special day. After a snack of 100s and 1000s fairy bread, made by the girls and a healthy 100 made from celery and carrot circles, the girls then participated in three multi-age activities; a 100-Year-old photo dress-up booth (come and enjoy the hilarious photos in the IJDay classrooms!), engineering with 100 piece construction sets and a language-based iPad activity using the story of 100 Ants as a springboard for the learning.

Next, estimating 100 seconds was a challenge. A wind-down was then in order, so 100 seconds of Yoga worked a treat. Blowing 100s of bubbles after singing The Big Number Song was enormous fun! The girls also engaged in Maths activities in their own classrooms using their 100 collections brought from home.

Hip Hip Hooray for 100 Days!!! Now onto our next hundred days of learning!

by Christine Campbell – Stewart Clyde – Mary Whitcher, I J Day Teachers



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