100 Days Celebration for Prep-Year 2

How special for the girls to be greeted by 100 helium balloons upon arrival at school last Friday! We started the day with all the P-2 girls together for 100 exercises, followed by singing The Big Number Song. The girls enjoyed making their 100s and 1000s bread treats for morning tea and enjoyed eating them even more! We stretched and relaxed with 100 seconds of different Yoga postures and a beautiful relaxation activity imagining floating away on 100 balloons. Preps made a collection of 100 objects, counting in groups of ten. Next we started making a paper chain of 100 links to be completed this week. The girls enjoyed participating in three multi-age activities – addition to 100, making a fruit loop necklace of…you guessed it 100 Fruit Loops and also played some games enjoyed by children 100 years ago. We concluded the day with estimating 100 seconds and, of course, handing out the balloons. All in all a well-earned and truly fitting celebration of 100 days of fabulous learning!

by Mary Whitcher, Prep-Year 2 Co-Ordinator




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