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  VCE and Careers Expo Weekend Sessions on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May 2017

The Careers Department has a limited number of free tickets for this event that provides information relating to tertiary courses, Careers discussions, subject selection, gap years, study tips and the UMAT to illustrate the range of exhibitors and information sessions. For further information go to:

‘Find your Future Self’ at Tintern Grammar’s Careers Night

  This evening is a wonderful opportunity to begin or further exploration of Careers and chat with past students who are working in Careers they love, studying their favourite subjects at University or TAFE, or taking time out to explore different career options and gain work experience. There will be the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with alumni who share passions or maybe ignite new ones for our students. This event is ideal for Year 9 to 12 students and their parents/guardians, however, all secondary school students are welcome to attend.

Date:                    Thursday 18 May

Time:                    7.00PM – 8.30PM

Location:             CM Wood Performance Centre

Further information with registration details and how to download our Careers Night Event App will be sent home shortly so please take note of the date. App users will be able to read biographies about the alumni attending this event and also access sample questions to assist the conversations, plus more details to help you plan for the night.

Reflections from ACU Careers Practitioners’ Seminar

Visiting a range of tertiary providers is always valuable to learn about changes in this sector and course specific information to assist our students at Tintern. A highlight at ACU is the presentation by Professor Greg Craven who holds prominent positions in many of the review boards affecting this sector.

The key issues for our families to consider were his comments relating to the following areas of debate:

  • The Role of the ATAR in the Tertiary Selection Process

It is becoming apparent that the ATAR as the sole measure for tertiary selection while still significant is becoming less important for a range of courses. Professor Craven quoted that “at present 75% of courses use something other than pure ATAR for selection”. This may include the traditional musical audition or Visual Arts folio interview but also the use of personal statements, problem-solving tasks, and reference to relevant Work Experience, Community Service or course specific additional forms. This increasing range of selection modes means that students need to begin considering these requirements in Years 10 and 11. Findings from research indicate that the ATAR is good at predicting success in the 80s and 90s ranges in terms of completion rates. However, statistically there is only a 6 percent difference in the completion rates between students with ATARs in the 60s (17 percent non-completion) to students with ATARs in the 30s and 40s (23 percent non-completion), so the evidence is not as strong. Tintern has always been committed to providing the broadest opportunities for our students and our students are well placed in terms of their preparation for life beyond school. In particular, our Senior College Mentors work hard to encourage students to undertake Work Experience, to complete Community Service, to become involved in leadership programs and participate in the co-curricular program that all help to create a diverse student skill set.

  • The Issue of Transparency in Entry Standards

As a member of the Higher Education Standards Panel, Professor Craven is committed to equity and transparency in entry standards that is consistent with the ethos of ACU as a University. Some of the recommendations under consideration of the various working parties include:

  1. The use of common terminology in the selection procedures for all institutions
  2. Universities to publish a statement of their selection approach and profile. For example, publishing the percentage of students who entered a course under the clearly in ATAR and possibly publishing the lowest ATAR for a student entering a course.
  3. Three clear categories for University entry to include:
    • ATAR only
    • ATAR plus a range of selection criteria e.g. audition or completion of a problem solving task
    • Non ATAR and selection based on other criteria
  • New Academic and Non-Academic Selection Criteria into Victorian Initial Teacher Training Programs 

It is currently proposed that students will be required to meet both academic and non-academic criteria to enter teacher training straight from school. It has been reported that the minimum ATAR for 2018 entry will be 65 and for 2019 entry, the ATAR will be 70. It appears that a number of Universities will be using the Canadian system CASPer to assist with the non-academic selection process that involves students responding using a Webcam to 3 open-ended questions based on a scenario. Registration for CASPer will be managed as part of the VTAC application system. Further information will be provided to interested students during the year as the details are confirmed and there are a number of alternate pathways for students below these published ATARs that also do not add any additional time on to the years of study. ACU has provided an excellent resource outlining the pathways into Teaching in Victoria and a copy can be found at:

New Animal Related Careers Day at the RSPCA

Students interested in a career related to working with animals are invited to book for the Careers Day at the RSPCA and there are limited places. The day will include speakers from different sections of the RSPCA and practical activities. For more information and to book visit:

Date:                    Wednesday 28th June 2017

Time:                    9:00am – 3:30pm

Location:             RSPCA Burwood East

Cost:                     $65 includes registration, morning tea, RSPCA career show bag and all activity costs.



The latest edition of Career News Number 9 is now available on the Portal at: and includes the following items that are of interest for the entire school community:

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  • Inside Monash Seminar Series 2017 plus New Bachelor or Media Communication in 2018
  • RMIT Bachelor of Financial Planning/Accountancy Double Degree
  • ACU Early Achievers’ Program (EAP)
  • Why Study at Bond University?
  • Summary of Agricultural Degrees

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