100 Days of Year 7

Building a sense of community and team spirit is important for our Year 7 students. These young men are going to be spending the next numbers of years together and friendships will make the journey very memorable. To facilitate this, each term the Year 7 Mentor team organise events which will offer integrity and resilience moments and enable the boys to work together in situations unlike the regular classroom.

This year the boys made 100’s and 1000’s cookies under the instruction of Mr Andrew Cho, then had great fun in a Minute-To-Win-It competition thanks to Mr Ross Jurey. To hail the imminent 2016 Olympic Games, we started watching the movie based on the life story of Eddie Edwards, Eddie the Eagle. Thank you to all staff who made it possible, and also to the boys who so obviously made the most of the day.

By Anthea Watkins, Year 7 Boys’ Level Co-ordinator



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