Year 9 Girls – Canoe Camp @ Lake Eildon

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Year 9 Outdoor Ed Class of 2015 Semester 2, set out on their adventurous canoeing camp that faced them with many challenges at Lake Eildon. The class, plus Phoebe and Kate (who joined us as they were unable to attend their own camp in Semester 1), arrived enthusiastically at school Monday morning at the early time of 7:30am. The class worked together to prepare for the journey ahead, by packing bags, the trailer and the bus. With the long bus ride taking a toll on many students we all arrived at the campsite for the night. Even though the campsite felt ‘haunted’ with skull and bones, an abandoned hut and a rope hanging from the tree we all sang ‘hanging tree’ and moved past our fears to set up camp. After a practice exploration of the lake we finished with many laughs, mainly about Ruby and Kate’s paddle technique, we headed for the tents and base camp to make dinner and get an early nights rest.

With the wakeup call for day two supposedly intended for 7am, everyone was awake reluctantly at 6:15am thanks to Phoebe and Courtney’s loud personal alarm. After a nutritious breakfast and a newly clean packed up site we adventured on to the lake for a long day of paddling. A big effort was needed to paddle against the wind for 5km. We arrived at Crockett Island where we stopped for a break and lunch; a delicious bucket lunch! The long day of paddling was far from over once we arrived at ‘The Island’. After everyone had set up camp we were tricked into a ‘short’ walk, which turned out to be a 6km hike up a treacherous mountain. Although we were all hot and bothered by the ‘short’ walk, we were finally rewarded with the amazingly stunning views of the surrounding mountains, forests and lake. Making our way down the hill, collecting rotting deer legs, for Mr Cleeland, we finally returned to base camp to enjoy our own cooked meals followed by some singing, riddles and a much needed bed time.

Day 3 was not without its struggles. Starting the day with all our Melbourne water gone we had to purify rain water to keep everyone alive for the day ahead. A quick paddle was made by the now expert class. We found the bus with a big smile at the site and then cleaned and packed up ready for the journey home. Everyone gained something new from the expedition and have many stories to tell for a long time to come.

by Phoebe Bridgford and Isabella Wright (Year 9)






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